MHPTI – Management and Higher Professional Training Institute

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The MHPTI is a leading institute of management and technology that’s offering a series of some of the most professional and comprehensive training courses across all of Sri Lanka.

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We are long-standing, government registered institute and TVEC approved company issuing internationally valid certifications for all our students across all our classes.

We focus on the fields of Management, Language & Computers as well as featuring a selection of complementary courses to ensure our students have all the tools they’ll need to accomplish their tasks and dreams.

Unleash your potential

Our network of classes is one of the best in Sri Lanka and we strive to prove ourselves as one of our country’s premier Training Institutes that people from all walks of life can come to depend on in their quest for higher education.

We show people how to be effective leaders in business, thoughtful speakers and translators as well as technological adepts to ensure nothing is outside their grasp.

About Us

The Management and Higher Professional Training Institute (MHPTI) is offering a wide variety of complete and comprehensive learning courses across a wide variety of fields in Sri Lanka aimed at our land’s budding thinkers and workers.

Our Top Courses

We have a wide variety of courses, from computer science to mangement, there is one for everyone


We can offer you a wide variety of diplomas and certificates across a multitude of spheres that will assist you as you seek to become an entrepreneur or high ranking member of an established company. We offer courses in Human Resources, Business Management as well as Marketing.


The world of technology is ever-changing and we must always strive to keep up with it to foster an evergreen field of possibilities in both the present and the future. We can offer certificates in a wide variety of fields ranging from Auto CAD, Application, and Hardware as well as internet-based works like the graphic and web design. We also offer Data Entry courses.


The ability to communicate has been the single greatest trait of humanity that has lead us through a long history of evolution and development. We can offer you certificates in both English and Tamil so you’ll never be locked out from any part of the world across your journeys in life. This will enable a wide variety of translation and representative roles as well as a passive life tool for travel and learning.


Life can be a stressful endeavor which is why we also offer supplementary certificates in the field of Counseling to assist any person seeking to help others through their own journeys. With these courses as well as others, you can be sure that you are receiving a well rounded and effective educational training program that will open up many gateways for you across your long years of study and accomplishments

Student’s Testimonials

” I would like to say thank you MHPTI! You’ve renewed my passion for learning and my dream of becoming a web developer. “
Sujith Thisera
” I believe in lifelong learning and MHPTI is a great place to learn from experts. I’ve learned a lot and recommend it to all my friends.. ? “
Ihara Ovindi
“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
Ruwan Ekanayaka

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